To the motherless in college or anywhere, really: You're dealing with a heavy load of shit each and every day; and I get how you feel. Just remember that you're never alone, and someone else out there is feeling the same way you are.
Whether you decided to go to college 15 minutes or 15 hours from home, your relationship with your parents is going to change. So sometimes it can be hard to decipher what you should and should not tell your parental units.
  Living in close quarters, your son or daughter will likely fall ill at some point. While you can't be there to make them
Scripture often describes a God who is in a state of sort of cosmic, perpetual homesickness, forever longing to abide in the hearts and lives of people.
Physically your body is on campus, but emotionally you're connected to friends, family, long distance partners, and strangers off campus. Use technology to meet new people on campus, not to hide from them.
The "best four years of your life" can have a bumpy start.
By College Tourist; Author: Sarah Dougherty, University of Alabama Living with a host family was by far the best decision
So I return to the word hiraeth (pronounced "here-eyeth") as a container for the bittersweet sense of home evolving and dissolving
I dream of walking by an abandoned storefront. The shop seemed to be there just a few days ago, but now for the life of me
Being from out-of-state can be rough, especially if you're from one of the best cities in the world. Don't get me wrong, I love college, but I also love my hometown.