Homesickness is a very normal but sometimes very painful experience.
Never feel homesick again with candles that smell like home.
Through a very painful process of shedding layers of pride and old resentments I believe I finally got to a point where I
Inside Out makes it clear that there are a lot of mixed emotions children feel, not all of them easily sorted out. As a parent, the movie's message to me was how important my job is to listen to my kids, guide them, acknowledge their feelings, and, above all, honor their spiritual understanding that they can always "come home" to.
There are always celebrations to mark the passage of time between eras in our lives: birthday parties, graduations, marriage anniversaries. And yet, when I woke up on the morning of my 18th birthday, I didn't feel a year older.
Living abroad is packed with exciting adventures and endless possibilities. Sometimes, however, immersing yourself in a new culture and a new life can be overwhelming and stressful.
Maybe their hair will be a little messy in the photos you see online, but what you didn't see is how fast they tied their shoes and were the first down to lineup.
I dream of walking by an abandoned storefront. The shop seemed to be there just a few days ago, but now for the life of me
This nostalgia -- the choice of spending a Saturday night watching Finding Nemo rather than sipping Yellowtail -- is nature. Homesickness is real occurrence, but so too is youth-sickness.