Homework isn't just frustrating for kids. Sometimes it baffles their parents as well.
"Just got my ass handed to me by my kid's 2nd grade math homework."
Elliot Kale Edmiston and Lauren Mitchell, The Trans Buddy Program, Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Transgender people seeking
As we grew older sports began to make up a great part of our after school activities. Outdoor activities and video games
Three weeks into fall and already sick of homework? Spain may have a tactical answer. CEAPA, a kind of mega-PTA representing the parents of schoolkids across the country, has recommended that fed-up students go on a homework strike.
By Kate Kelly All kids rush through homework once in a while so they can get to the things they’d rather be doing. But for
Homework seems to have become the "H-word" for parents in households around the country, especially now that their kids have started another school year.
He has so much to learn that has nothing to do with school.
When children have two parents who live together or live apart due to a divorce, it's important that they know that they are united in supporting the child's venture into the new school year. Make sure every day each parent talks with the child about their day and sets up a routine for having a snack after school, doing homework, and playing.
Homework is all about what a student’s home life is “supposed to” look like.
You may have seen the “no homework” letter I wrote last week. It ended up being shared quickly by thousands around the world