These kids' study desks will get them through days of online classes and remote learning and nights of homework.
A 15-year-old known only as Grace has been detained since mid-May, sparking protests against the school-to-prison pipeline.
Homework isn't just frustrating for kids. Sometimes it baffles their parents as well.
"Just got my ass handed to me by my kid's 2nd grade math homework."
"I don't think that's a fair third-grade question."
Jecinter Atieno Bonyo, Tusome Project, Kisumu, Kenya. Teachers provide after-school assistance to students performing at
"If your homework practices make kids dislike school and/or learning that alone should tell you something has to change." Recently
Three weeks into fall and already sick of homework? Spain may have a tactical answer. CEAPA, a kind of mega-PTA representing the parents of schoolkids across the country, has recommended that fed-up students go on a homework strike.