homicide rate

The Central American nation registered more homicides in 2015 than in any year during its civil war.
Driving this bit of alarm was an op-ed written by Manhattan Institute fellow Heather Mac Donald that appeared on The Wall
Homicide may be down nationally, but until we reach the corners of America that still suffer from daily violence, and where getting stopped, arrested, and locked up are a normal part of a young man's life, we are doing them an injustice.
“It’s a huge change,” Roman said. “If you want to change crime at a place you have to change the nature of the place.” Cities
Young people represent 62.5 percent of all murder victims. And for young people of color, the statistics tell an even grimmer story.
New reports alleging that capital punishment has a deterrent effect on homicide rates have captured widespread media attention, which in turn has accorded them a degree of unjustified legitimacy in the public arena.