At least 32 children in the besieged Houla region are suffering from an inherited blood disorder that requires frequent transfusions
For Architectural Digest, by John Gendall. Al-Sabouni sees this war, as tragic and challenging as it has been, as one more
Here’s how the Syrian civil war unfolded, leaving 500,000 dead and displacing millions of refugees over 6 years.
Thuy Nguyen, who was uprooted by war, is now paying it forward.
This is why UNICEF is helping to develop alternative sources like wells. Diversifying the sources of water helps people become
The bombardments came after the United Nations started a new round of peace talks over Syria's future in Geneva.
The Islamic State militant group took credit for the attack.
Homs, once home to 1 million people, now shows few signs of life.
In Homs there are Orthodox, Armenian, Maronite, Catholic and Anglican Christians who lived happily together with their Muslim neighbors long before the birth of my adopted homeland. All preserved their rituals, culture and languages throughout the ages.
The Darbi family shares how they feel about the hostility towards Muslims in America.