Honda Civic

Kingston Frazier, 6, had been sleeping in his mother's car when it was stolen early Thursday, police said.
First of all, the Civic has been totally restyled front and back and there are some upgrades in the interior too. On the five-speed, automatic transmission in years past has now been changed to a continuously variable transmission (CVT) and there is also a larger touch screen display in keeping with the times.
Like the guy who never changed the brakes on his car. "I keep the Mustang in the garage for six months," Mary said. "When
"We are aggressively working to incorporate these into our models, including our small cars like the Chevrolet Sonic and
I suddenly felt a desperate urge to change my life. I owned a record company, a movie studio, a casino in Monte Carlo and a modeling agency. It was an OK job but frankly, hanging out on the French Riviera with the likes of Scarlett and Mick was just not that fulfilling anymore.
June 13 (Reuters) - Honda Motor Co Ltd said on Wednesday it will recall about 50,000 Civic small cars in the United States
From Mother Nature Network's Jim Motavalli: Both VIA and ALTe are focusing on the fleet market — consumers might come later
Toddlers. Oh, they think they're so cute. They think they're so important, what with claiming to be... what was it again? Right. "The future." I mean, please.
Clark Gookin is long and lean like a telephone line, so he's not an easy fit for this tyke of a bike that's the color of a ripe Georgia peach.
Police are investigating whether missing 17-year-old Bogdan Predescu might have run away from home. Predescu left Walnut
DETROIT (Reuters) - Honda Motor Co said on Friday that it is recalling another 440,000 vehicles -- including some of its
Check the (current) status of your car, and if you're interested in the program and your vehicle is now eligible, get down to a new car dealer fast, before DC steps in again to "help" or "clarify."
Toyota shares my "best display" honors along with Ford at the 2008 LA Auto Show. With our emphasis on green and/or significant
In her blog the Northwestern University junior reflected on her summer goal. 20-year-old Danni Brancaccio vowed to drive
Sometimes the stranger who looks like an angel can turn out to be a vampire.