hong kong

Thousands of protesters took to the streets again on Sunday, chanting slogans and waving U.S. and British flags.
"Do You Hear the People Sing?" has become an unofficial anthem of protesters in Hong Kong.
Hundreds of demonstrators gathered at the Hong Kong airport on Sunday, hours after violent clashes broke out between protesters and police.
A march was not permitted by police, but protesters took to the streets anyway, building a wall out of barricades and setting it on fire.
Lee Meng-chu went missing after sharing photos documenting the Chinese military buildup on the Hong Kong border.
Members of a pro-democracy group were granted bail Friday, but authorities in Hong Kong are continuing their ban on non-authorized rallies.
Hong Kong demonstrators explain, in their own words, why they’re enraged, disappointed and afraid -- and why the protests aren't likely to have a tidy ending.
Protesters have taken to the semiautonomous Chinese territory’s streets for more than two months.
An adorable baby manatee, a burning rainforest and Hong Kong protests round out this week's best images.
The social media giant said it shut down more than 200,000 accounts suspected of being part of a Chinese government influence campaign targeting the protests.
The "Last Week Tonight" host lambasted the president's wrong message about violence against pro-democracy demonstrators.
Following weeks of violent clashes with police, pro-democracy demonstrators say they hope for a peaceful march.
The actress posted on Chinese social media platform Weibo that she supports "the Hong Kong police."
Robert was arrested after the climb and taken to a nearby police station.
Protestors apologized for disrupting travel operations at Hong Kong's international airport over two days.
Protesters shut down the Hong Kong International Airport for the second day in a row, clashing with police and leading to flight cancellations.
The central government in Beijing ominously characterized the current protest movement as something approaching "terrorism."
Hong Kong International Airport reopened on Tuesday after China said widespread anti-government protests had halted flights the previous day.
Street protests calling for democratic reforms and an inquiry into police conduct stretched into their 10th week with no sign of either side backing down.
A citywide strike and demonstrations in seven districts in Hong Kong have been called for Monday afternoon.