hong kong

For many residents, the character is a playful taunt of China’s President Xi Jinping.
The model's ex-husband, father-in-law and brother-in-law have been charged with murder, while her ex-mother-in-law faces one count of perverting the course of justice.
In “One Angry Lisa,” Marge Simpson’s virtual spin class instructor makes the comment in front of a Great Wall of China background.
Guests at Bunny Style, a luxury rabbit resort, can scamper around a play area in a climate-controlled building, climb a castle made of wood, or explore a cotton tunnel.
The falling screen appeared to directly hit one dancer on the head and body before toppling onto another performer, as the audience screamed in horror.
The panda, named An An, lived most of his life at Ocean Park, a theme park in Hong Kong.
Steve Ho, a member of Hong Kong's biggest pro-Beijing party, said he tested positive for COVID despite adhering to strict protocols ahead of Xi's arrival.
The election followed major changes to Hong Kong’s electoral laws last year to ensure that only “patriots” loyal to Beijing can hold office.
Veteran Hong Kong actor Kenneth Tsang was best known for his roles in the James Bond film "Die Another Day" and "Rush Hour 2."
Rights activists are calling the decision to remove LGBTQ-themed children’s books from library shelves “a restriction to the rights of freedom and expression.”