hong kong

The prominent democracy activist is the highest profile figure to be arrested so far under China's new security law.
Meanwhile, her boss has suggested delaying the upcoming U.S. elections, calling them the "greatest election disaster in history" before Americans even vote.
Hong Kong's controversial national security law has been used for the first time to target an American citizen living in the U.S.
Shop owners in Hong Kong are displaying blank sticky notes to show solidarity with the movement as protesters become more creative.
Social media platforms and messaging apps are balking at the possibility of providing user data to Hong Kong authorities.
A new documentary, "Denise Ho: Becoming the Song," follows the singer-turned-pro-democracy advocate as she rebuilds her music career in troubled times.
Adam Silver indicated that the NBA's relationship with China had improved after a spat over Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement in 2019.
Any person taking part in "secessionist activities," such as shouting slogans or holding up banners urging for the city’s independence, is in violation of the law.
“It marks the end of Hong Kong that the world knew before,” pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong said.
Participants in Rome listened to speeches and held up handmade placards saying “Black Lives Matter” and “It’s a White Problem.”