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HONG KONG -- If 18 years were not enough time for Beijing to get "one country, two systems" right, then whose problem is it now? Senior officials in Beijing, the "one country" capital, are left with a lot of problems to study and fix.
The occupy phase of the Umbrella Movement may be over for now, but the banners are likely to keep appearing. Wherever they turn up, their power derives from the original banner on Lion Rock.
On Thursday, police cleared most of the main protest site in the Admiralty district next to government headquarters, arresting
SHANGHAI -- The "umbrella revolution" has come to an end. Post-occupied Hong Kong braces for an uncertain future. While pessimists predict nothing but doom and gloom, optimists, with good reason, believe that valuable lessons could be drawn from the "Occupy Central" fiasco and Hong Kong could come out stronger.
A large yellow banner bearing an umbrella and the words "We'll be back" was draped in the center of the highway where protesters
As city police slowly shrink protesters' turf, the people of Hong Kong and democracy voyeurs around the world are taking stock and asking: what happened here? After all the celebration, chaos, and court orders, has anything actually changed?
HONG KONG, Dec 3 (Reuters) - Leaders of Hong Kong's Occupy Central movement surrendered to police on Wednesday for their
* Police with batons, pepper spray charge protesters * Hong Kong says tolerant police will now take "resolute action" (Adds
The protesters are demanding free elections for the city's next leader in 2017 rather than the vote between screened candidates
Protestors and authorities clashed again overnight in Hong Kong as police attempted to clear protest camps. We examine what is next for the Umbrella Revolution and look at whether the protests will have a lasting effect.