honor killing

Assertions of both have become favorite terms employed by authoritarian and autocratic leaders.
Implicit in his Muslim ban is a blatant and dangerous apathy for gender-based violence.
In Philippines, congresswoman Leni Robredo was elected as vice-president in May, beating her rival Marcos Jr., the son and
A lot of people are very willing to fit negative stereotypes to the facts once they learn a crime involves Muslims.
The loophole that allowed killers to walk free has been removed.
Naila Amin paints a picture of a village near the mountains, of cows lazily ambling through the fields that surround it, of
Do you speak to anyone else in your family, apart from your mother? I speak with my mother and sisters: Shazia, Aqsa and
“I believe I am a modern day feminist,” Qandeel Baloch wrote the day before her death. “I believe in equality."
Abdul Sattar Edhi -- a man widely dubbed as "Father Teresa" -- recently lost his hard-fought battle against renal failure. Revered as a national and international hero, Edhi established an empire of heartfelt philanthropy from scratch.
The government has faced mounting pressure to pass the law against murders carried out by people professing to be acting in defense of the honor of their family.
Muhammad Waseem said he had “no regrets” about killing his sister.
The global struggle to eliminate honor-based violence requires grass roots activism as well as strict laws put in place that will deter the perpetrators of such crimes. If we don't act, this barbaric practice will continue. Us girls cannot stay at home.
Admittedly, I’d never heard of Pakistan’s social media starlet Qandeel Baloch until she was killed by her brother for dishonoring