honor killings

We balanced clumsily on the small pathway in the middle of the fields. In front of us was the modest structure of a mosque we were headed towards. A group of women with water-pots on their heads walked confidently near us on the same path.
Honor killings in Pakistan have climbed to an acme in recent years. Every year, countless girls and women, naïve otherwise, are persecuted as a consequence of having relationships with individuals of their own choice.
HAFIZABAD, Pakistan -- "If you put a drop of piss in a gallon of milk, the whole thing gets ruined. That is what she has done -- destroyed everything." Those were the words spoken by a father in a desperate attempt to justify pulling the trigger on his teenage daughter, the young woman featured in our film "A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness." In the name of preserving family "honor," women across the world are shot, burned, strangled or stoned to death in shocking numbers.
An 'honor killing' involves a woman being murdered for her marriage choices, premarital sex and more.
The brutal practice of murder or violence to punish “shameful” acts results in the deaths of at least 1,000 women in Pakistan every year.
Award-winning filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy discusses her new Oscar-nominated short documentary "A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness" and the need to end the practice of honor killings in Pakistan.
Turkey is a country conflicted when it comes to its LGBTQI population. On the one hand, Turkey was the first country in the Muslim world to hold an LGBTQI pride march, but on the other, the rate of hate crimes against LGBTQI people in Turkey is the highest among European countries.