And you thought hoodies couldn't get more snuggly.
Timothy Craggette says he's sorry. An eyewitness says there's no way he mistook the hijab for a hoodie.
Where we have a constraining pair of pants or shorts, we can still look back on its forerunner, the bloomer, which was as revolutionary a feminist statement as was ever any parade of militant protestors.
Oklahoma residents are concerned that a proposed bill would make it a crime to wear a hooded sweatshirt, or hoodie, in public
In September, "Derrick Adams: Live and in Color," opened at the Tilton Gallery in Manhattan. I sat down with Adams in Brooklyn, to talk about his work and career trajectory.
Behold the HoodiePillow, quite possibly one of the greatest napping inventions of our time. This brilliant doohickey is part
If Lonnie Busch gets his wish, the hoodie Trayvon Martin was wearing the night of his fatal shooting will eventually be on display at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History.
If you're saying criminals target a particular manner of dress And not women, girls, and young men of a certain race Then why isn't it okay to shoot men in suits Who look like executives from JP Morgan Chase
Death is horrible enough. But systematic injustice -- one that allows white boys to assume success, yet leads black boys to cower from the very institutions created to protect our own wellbeing -- is a travesty.
1. You accept it (or make peace with it). 2. You change it. 3. You walk away from it. Having the option to walk away is a
So all you need is $148, a pair of quirky startup socks, and you could be the next big Silicon Valley startup guy. Lindland
When asked on Bloomberg how he sees Zuckerberg as a risk, Patcher responded, "Mark and his signature hoodie? I mean, he's