“I want to change the way that people see and speak,” photographer John Edmonds explains. "The violence we are currently seeing on a major scale right now is not new."
The first radio single on the six-track EP is entitled "Faded" and features Epic Records recording artist Casey Veggies and
Oklahoma residents are concerned that a proposed bill would make it a crime to wear a hooded sweatshirt, or hoodie, in public
I am not fashion conscious. I can honestly say that I've never spent a cent on Vogue, Allure, Cosmopolitan, or any fashion magazine, for that matter. If you ask me the brand name of the blouse or slacks I'm wearing, I would have no idea.
Write your own musings in the comments below. But this parrot is different — it has a hoodie! The picture of this feathered
Miley Cyrus probably thinks her massive tongue shtick is sexy. It rather looks like a mutant lizard's tongue.  Politicians
Five months before the tragic verdict in State of Florida vs. George Zimmerman, my personal paradigm on race shifted in a Brooklyn bar as I encountered the poems and performance of Roger Bonair-Agard. 
"There's a show on AOL called 'Hardwired' so we kind of took all the wearable tech from the episodes and put it into this
Listen up, you teenaged nudniks Here's advice worth knowin' Don't go out looking like those hoodniks. Dress like Richard Cohen.
Conservative televangelist Pat Robertson defended George Zimmerman in Monday's broadcast of the Christian Broadcasting Network's
They were all trying to get home -- Oscar Grant in Oakland, Trayvon Martin in Florida, or the woman who was raped in a bus in New Delhi. They didn't want to spark off great protests. They didn't want to become symbols, placards or posters.
When you consider that animals bring on their own assaults, it is not hard to understand this same mentality when applied to all sorts of people by other people.
Investors are clamoring to get in on the Facebook IPO, and Mark Zuckerberg doesn't really need Wall Street to do it.
When it comes to young black men, apparently hoodies are a health hazard. I know it sounds crazy, but unfortunately too many
Regardless of race, 38 percent of Democrats are closely following the case as compared with 19% of Republicans.   It is against
Wearing a hoodie with our heads bowed, or even staring defiantly into the camera lens, is not empowering in any substantive way. If the problem was how we dressed, as a people we'd be in a much different situation than we are in today.
I am dismayed that the risk management industry is training law enforcement and college officials to see a hoodie or "harmful debate" as a potential threat.