The late Robin Williams has over 100 acting credits. It's nearly impossible to pick a favorite, or 10 favorites. But here is our best shot at the legend's 10 best on screen roles.
Storm's own blustery self-image and the bit of unrealness noted aside, Agent Storm: My Life Inside al Qaeda and the CIA is a decent read for anyone watching the world of intelligence who also appreciates a good story.
"The Big Wedding" (2013) This one hits a little too close to home. Although "World's Greatest Dad" is a comedy, the premise
Reading the reports of Robin Williams' darker side and the demons he faced has hit home for me: the clown and entertainer just wanting to be loved and make people smile while he himself felt isolated and different. The sad clown.
It's surreal because I haven't seen Robin for many years, yet he's so connected to me due to his close involvement in the biggest role of my career in Hook where he played Peter Pan and I played the punk kid who took over as leader of the Lost Boys when he left Neverland... Rufio.
Dante Basco is best known for playing Rufio, the spiky, red-haired leader of The Lost Boys in Steven Spielberg's 1991 film
It's doubtful anyone needs help working up an appetite for Thanksgiving, but that doesn't mean a feast for the eyes is off
"Once Upon a Time" airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. Do you think Hook was the villain or a hero in Neverland? Share your
Back when news broke last month that Umbel would open Bandolero in the space previously inhabited by his former property
As for the decor, Umbel said he's making a 180 degree turn from Hook. That means wooden tables sans tablecloths, bare brick
If there is one dish I consider a quintessentially summer food, it would be the lobster roll.
Surely we are to put away certain childish things when we get older. But if we lose all of who we were when we were children -- the wonder, unfettered imagination and ease of faith -- we lose sight of our essential selves.
Sadly, the success of one of the earliest characters Steve Carell ever developed, the 40-year-old virgin, seems to have turned it into one of the only roles he'll ever play.