Though the Wende, or "Change," freed the East German people from over forty years of Stalinist dictatorship, remembering the forgotten side of German unification -- when right-wing hooligans waged thousands of attacks on defenseless foreigners -- provides a cautionary tale of failed leadership.
The 2014 proclamation recognizes Mars’ accomplishments including that at the age of 4, he “debuted as a performer by joining
"We really must eradicate the blot on our reputation," said Margaret Thatcher, the former British prime minister who died last week. The Iron Lady was referring to English soccer hooligans as if they were enemies of the state.
Being at a tournament like Euro 2012 is all about the party. The games themselves are sometimes a secondary consideration. And we all have a pretty good idea of what happens when tens of thousands of liquored-up young males get together.
[Via 101GreatGoals] With the win, Sunderland advances to the fifth round of the FA Cup. There was so much going on, in fact
In the UK, Dr. Martens is fifty this week. The iconic pop shoe with an oil, acid and piss resistant soul. It's a shoe that has seen many battles, probably more than any other.