We get it, Mike Pence: You're from Indiana.
This weekend, the teams of two legendary football programs will lock up in South Bend Indiana, when Texas visits Notre Dame for a game between teams and coaches with lots of questions that need answering.
The recently much-maligned liberal arts curriculum, taken seriously, is a ticket not only to a first job after graduation, but to a leadership position in the most challenging professions.
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It wouldn't really be fair to judge someone's character based upon the number of people who show up at their funeral, but if a line of mourners forms at 4:00 p.m. and you can't see the end until 8:00 p.m., it's hard not to believe that whomever they're there for was a pretty special person.
Putting homeless families and individuals into housing requires faith that people experiencing homelessness are effectively down and out, and not a bunch of bad guys. Proving that homeless folks are just like everyone else is the herculean task that most homeless advocates have all but abandoned.
The Hoosiers were in the Halloween spirit on Thursday. During football practice, Indiana football players tried to recreate
The formalities were already covered by a series of phone calls between Boston Celtics President of Basketball Operations Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens. It was time to sit down and finalize a deal to make Stevens the 17th head coach to walk the sidelines for the storied franchise.
Of course, the highlight garnered plenty of attention on Twitter. The Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year, Oladipo posted
Fallon's show has been taping from Indianapolis all week in preparation for the Super Bowl. "Late Night" will broadcast a
"The Mighty Macs" is about much more universal themes than athletics and sportsmanship. It's about the power of faith and the virtues of long-suffering, hard work and sacred friendship.
Seeing it as a parent, I appreciated it even more, literally stopping the film about a dozen times to point out a scene or some piece of dialogue. If you are a parent, watch this movie with your child. You won't regret it.
The recent revelation by the president and CEO of the Phoenix Suns that he is gay is another step toward cracking the door to one of the last vestiges of homophobia: the sports world.
An orange tabby fond of a yellow cornfield was driven 700 miles in a red car to a blue state with smaller expanses of green.
The NCAAs are the only truly pan-American sporting event, an Olympics of sport where every region of the country has local heroes in action. The play has been uniformly exceptional.
I have some advice for those who played basketball with then-candidate Obama: the game will change once the oath of office is administered. I know because I was on Gov. Cuomo's team.
As their pitifully unproductive 'William Ayers game' indicates, the Republicans' field of vision for this election is limited to what they can see in their rear-view mirrors.