The 12-time Nathan's Hot Dog champ consumed the Hooters wings like cluckwork.
A Hooters executive said the customers who signed the receipt are now banned from the restaurant.
Applebee's: Most locations will be open on Thanksgiving but hours might vary. Check with your local restaurant. Country Cookin
On a recent night in Detroit, Aziah "Zola" Wells returned to where it all began: Hooters. As the petite 20-year-old beauty
Reader, are you still with me here? This is not pink and pretty. This is a real person. This is about 300,000 real people this year. When I see SAVE THE TATAS, my stomach hurts. When breast cancer is reduced to "boobies" and "hooters" and sexualized Facebook games, I want to shout STOP IT. Just please stop it.
A Hooters manager called Polk County Animal Control and the fire department to report that the little duckies couldn't get
In late April, a spokesperson told The Huffington Post that Tallywackers, the name of which is a not-so-subtle nod to men's
While is it common knowledge that dogs, in particular male dogs, urine scent mark their territories, human males often mark their territories in other forms more noxious and poisonous than urine.
So here's my quandary: What's a girl to do about places like Hooters and Twin Peaks or -- eek -- strip clubs when one both loves and respects the female body?
Although the restaurant is situated in a predominantly gay neighborhood, Tallywackers is a place for any and every customer
Serve that burger with a side of cleavage, and the crowds come pouring in.
These restaurant reviewers are way more detestable than Hooters.
When it comes to "child beautification," how far is too far? “Some people may say it’s controversial, especially the theme
When I looked I saw two signs plastered on their building. Two signs that I have probably seen in the past, but ignored. One was of breasts with the word "bumps" underneath. The other said "Caution Blondes Thinking."
The caption under the photo of the woman in short shorts -- "EXHIBIT A: The proof that she was asking for it your Honour
Tonight it's about you and me, Mom. I want to hear more about your craft projects, and how things are going since Dad left us for that young harlot. The basket of Buffalo wings upon which we shall snack will be tender and slightly sweet, much like your ever-patient care for me.
Recently, a new ad has found its way onto the comedy channels, and this one is the most offensive of all because it doesn't just make comedy fans look stupid; it makes the entire male gender look stupid.
Fun-run peer pressure is a growing stress in my life, with fundraising races pretty much every weekend around Boulder. Maybe the participants are moved by the excitement. Maybe they just want to share the pain. Maybe I want to choose my own kind of pain.
The chain's attorney, Andrew William Bray, was not immediately available for comment, nor was a spokesman for Craigslist