Hoover Dam

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Construction of the Hoover Dam began on July 7, 1930, marking the beginning of the creation of one of the largest manmade
If you've lived in California, a major earthquake is your worst nightmare. The thought of a 9.5 quake is almost unimaginable and terrifying. Quick, stand under a doorway or hide under a desk, it's coming and the aftermath is not all that pretty in San Andreas.
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The Hoover Dam was the world's highest and most powerful dam when it was completed in 1936. It spurred the agricultural and industrial development of the US Southwest, and destroyed the Colorado River's rich downstream fisheries.
It is only common sense that our policymakers in Washington should keep the value of our public lands in mind when negotiating federal spending priorities. The Land and Water Conservation Fund is an opportunity for bipartisan leadership and an investment in American innovation.
Vegas may not be considered the most family-friendly destination, but if you get creative, you can make sure the little ones end up with an unforgettable trip. And we don't mean that in a Hangover kind of way.
The Hoover Dam and the interstate highway system were built by the people for the people. The Keystone XL pipeline is proposed by a private company for private gain.
The film is excellent in showing us the issues surrounding water pollution, but it's painful to watch. But the film isn't just about bad news. It also talks about solutions -- assuming we start acting before it's too late.
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The bottom line is that a lot of goods can be either excludable or non-excludable by design, and that decision is somewhat
Today marks the 75th birthday of the Hoover Dam. The Dam, which lies above the Colorado River, was dedicated by Franklin
Do we really need to focus on 150,000 miles of roads? They must be popping champagne bottles in the corner offices of the oil industry and at OPEC headquarters. What is it that our government doesn't get?
Hoover Dam, transportation and Los Angeles -- for me it's all about well conceived infrastructure and a vision of what is possible.
A number of other states will see their power and authority dramatically enhanced over the next hundred years by their need and ability to take on the provision of an adequate volume of water for society's needs.
From the increasing use of Astroturf on high school fields to no flush urinals in restaurants and stores, Southwesterners are grappling with how to meet the water challenge.
We are now dangerously close to the limits of what the Colorado River can provide, even in the very best of weather scenarios, and the weather is being neither so friendly nor cooperative these days.