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"The Late Show" host mocked an "unforced error" the president made at a campaign rally.
Many appear to be linked to the president's Supreme Court announcement held in the Rose Garden on Sept. 26.
The cascade of cases appears to be largely linked to the Rose Garden announcement of Amy Coney Barrett's nomination to the Supreme Court.
Reckless disregard for coronavirus safety precautions comes home — and a White House event for Amy Coney Barrett may have been a superspreader event.
"No masking, no distancing. What did they expect was going to happen?” the pulmonologist said.
The president's New Jersey fundraiser has prompted Gov. Phil Murphy to initiate contact tracing and urge attendees to get tested for the coronavirus.
He was in close proximity to Joe Biden at the presidential debate, and was around many other people during a string of campaign events.
The president tested positive for COVID-19 while working on plans to reopen the country despite the risks of cases soaring again.
Hope Hicks, one of Trump's closest aides, tested positive for the coronavirus.
The White House adviser is reportedly experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. President Trump and the first lady later tested positive.