A combination of human instinct, DNA and learned behavior determines whether you love or loathe hoppy brews.
Once a beer has been properly transported home, stored and chilled, glassware becomes the issue. You've probably heard the term "beer clean," and cleanliness is very important.
There are far too many vague, yet commonly used terms in the beer world. Most people would struggle to explain what smooth, light, heavy, or drinkability actually mean, but there's one term that is the most questionable and pervasive: Balance.
A paralyzed bunny hops for joy with the help of a bunny wheelchair.
New Belgium Brewery has already installed 300 kilowatts of solar at its brewery in Colorado, and it capture methane generated
At my dinner table, my family frequently asks me about my workday. Most days I share crazy or funny stories about my patients. Regrettably, on a few days, I share tragic stories.
Dozens of beers are released every month, and my goal is to pick out a small sample of exceptional beers to share with you.
Unless a brewer uses them in a beer within 48-72 hours of being picked, they need to be dried to a certain water density, they have to be preserved in cold storage, and then pelleted. If this does not happen, they will rot and be useless.
We know you're thankful for them, but do you know what hops really are?
September ushers in that season of chilly evenings and cozy pubs. There is that festival taking place in Munich... but we're taking a look at other cities and regions where they worship the grain and listing our favorite pub in each place.
Rita knew very little about hops -- the female cones of a climbing vine that give beer its flavor and bitterness -- but had
If beer is the new wine, we need to start doing some of the same things with beer that are we do with wine.
After three days of the Great American Beer Festival, I've lost track of how many different beers I sampled. And, seemingly, I've lost my ability to provide a cohesive narrative.
As a big fan of microbrews, I am always on the lookout for environmentally friendly labels. In Escondido, CA, is what is surely among the greenest breweries in the world -- Stone Brewing Co.
If you're ever in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and need a bite to eat, look no further than The Friendly Greek, the best place in town to stop for pizza and and a six-pack.
The hops shortage of 2007 is over, buried in a glut of unsold hops. Don't expect craft beer prices to follow -- the $5 pint
For St. Patrick's Day, 2008, the question is: Which beer is greenest? Of the biggest three U.S. brewers, which has the greenest production? I think it's Anheuser-Busch.