hormone therapy

The proposed laws “would bring devastating harms" to the trans community, one ACLU lawyer said.
Republicans introduced a bill that would make it a felony for doctors to perform operations or administer hormone therapy to transgender youth.
The woman said she "just froze and worked on holding back the tears" as he allegedly harassed her.
By Megan Molteni for WIRED. In August, Liv Wyatt went to her local CVS drugstore in western Massachusetts to pick up a prescription
Manning ended her hunger strike after the Army complied to her request.
For more information on true adrenal insufficiency, check out this link. As for adrenal fatigue, endocrinologists think it's
The choice of therapy, whether hormonal or otherwise, should ultimately be guided by clinical experience and patient preference
A new study had important findings for women, but all we heard about was "man flu."
  4. "It's all in your head." -- Constance Mroz 5. "Brrr. Is it chilly in here?" -- Joan Crawford 6. "Is it that hormonal