Horror film

The writer-director behind horror hits "Us" and "Get Out" is being recognized for shining "a light on stories of important social relevance."
Director Ari Aster follows up his debut smash, "Hereditary," with a very different horror movie. This time, things go bump in the light.
The adaptation of the beloved children's horror series puts the scare in Scarecrow.
The picture of Trump's eldest daughter and her husband at Buckingham Palace was compared to scenes from horror films and nightmares.
An inside look at how Tate Taylor's thriller became Spencer's first lead vehicle, in a part originally written for a white actress.
The first look at the sequel to the horror blockbuster, now starring Jessica Chastain, is here.
The host of "The Late Late Show" stars in an eerie tribute to Jordan Peele's "Us."
The Oscar-winning actress said that her mother is nonetheless her number one fan, whether the elder Nyong'o can handle her "madness or not."
The director's sartorial tributes to "The Shining" and "A Nightmare on Elm Street" caught the eye of fans on Twitter.
“I’m glad that I’m at a point where they will let me put this black family in a horror movie."
Jeffrey Myers called on leaders to behave with more civility.
Using the song in a horror film "has me [re-evaluating] everything I’ve ever known," one Twitter user wrote.
Curtis tweeted about the horror movie's breakthrough box office success.
If the horror genre is defined by trends, then this John Cho-led addition — playing out entirely on screens — is the latest pivot toward a fresh source of fear.
“I just want to be as happy as a character in the first half hour of a horror movie."
Donald Trump's presidential campaign committee is still trying to trademark a phrase from "The Purge." Yes, this is real.
Berkshire County closed Shriekfest Horror Film Festival in October, and came away with the coveted Best Horror Feature Film award -- and for good reason: it's frightening, as one would expect, but it's different -- very different -- and the audience loved it!
Emily's film, "Carver," centers around a group of seemingly normal small-town teenagers who are haunted by a dark past. The