On February 4th, when the Teamsters pulled support from a bill, they never agreed to in the first place, the Mayor sat in his SUV for 16 minutes, rather than face the men and women in top hats on the steps of city hall.
Tourists' "To Do" lists may be about to change, as Mayor Bill De Blasio has introduced a bill to ban horse-drawn carriages by May of 2016, making good on a key campaign promise.
After 10 months of filming New York's Greatest Living Icons, the gentle carriage horses, those who love them... and those who hate them, I can say, without equivocation, there is no abuse, no cruelty of any kind, only love...and lots of carrots.
So if you live in or are visiting Chicago, be sure to look for Larry Ortega and his horses and grab a ride. Sadly, this could
Claims of a federal investigation are just the latest wobble in the angry debate, which nearly engulfed even Vice President
The "Horseless eCarriage," commissioned by animals rights group NYCLASS, debuted at the New York International Auto Show
Never preachy, the film simply lays bare the facts and lets viewers interpret them. It's the same strategy that animal rights organizations have used for years: Give people the information, and let them decide. And it's working.
Mayor Rahm Emanuel told the Tribune that while the ban will be debated, he supports Burke's proposal. Dan Sampson, director
Horse-drawn carriages have been an iconic New York City attraction for decades, but Mayor Bill De Blasio wants to end the practice. New York Magazine explores who would win with the carriage-horse ban...and it's not necessarily the horses.
Some carriage drivers are also skeptical that the real reason behind the ban is not the alleged animal abuse. If the ban
I understand that the New York Daily News is on the side of the carriage horse drivers. What I don't understand is how the paper can call its coverage of the issue "journalism."
COLUMBUS CIRCLE — A horse-drawn carriage lost control and flipped onto its side in the middle of Columbus Circle traffic
Navratilova is a longtime PETA advocate and, like Quinn, is openly gay. The tennis legend's letter stated: Quinn, however
Apparently one of the buggies changed lanes in a vain attempt to evade authorities and managed to crash into a squad car.
I'm writing this to you because there is a war on horses unfolding right now in New York City. It's being waged by the horse-drawn carriage industry.
The white equine was heading towards Central Park when at around 9:30AM it collapsed. The body was taken to Cornell University
After years of trying to reform the industry, the time has come for New York City to turn the page, and finally embrace safer, more humane alternatives to the horse-drawn carriages.
Throughout the year tourists from around the world travel to New York and take horse-drawn carriage rides around Central Park... they say it's whimsical. But with that whimsy comes a huge price.