Horse Racing

The vice president shared the anecdote about American Pharoah during a Baltimore policy retreat, but not everyone's buying it.
Most sources believe the common name for the painful spasm comes from baseball lore.
A shocking 30 horses have died at California's Santa Anita Park this season.
Santa Anita Park has been under fire after an unusually high number of horses died during the racing season.
29 horses have died at the Southern California track since its season began, prompting widespread calls for the venue to suspend events.
Gov. Gavin Newsom said he was "troubled" by the number of horse deaths at the popular venue, echoing calls from other lawmakers.
Twenty-nine horses have died at the popular racetrack since its season began in December, prompting the California senator to declare something "seriously wrong."
The California Horse Racing Board requested the racetrack suspend racing for the duration of the season. Two additional horses died this weekend.
A colt sustained a fractured shoulder Wednesday and was euthanized. Its death follows dozens of others at the California racetrack since late December.
Racehorses have been inflicted with a number of mysterious fatal injuries at the Los Angeles-area park since late December.
A lawyer says another horse crowded Maximum Security and may have clipped him, forcing the initial winner to "jump out of the way."
“We were stunned, shocked and in complete disbelief," Gary West said of his horse's disqualification.
Maximum Security's controversial loss to Country House has earned its own internet fame.
Second-place horse, 65-1 longshot Country House, grabs victory after judges rule Maximum Security impeded other horses during the race.
The famed racetrack outside Los Angeles has come under scrutiny in recent weeks following an unusually high number of equine deaths.
The investigation comes as the Santa Anita track prepares to resume live racing but with new rules in place.
The California racetrack banned same-day medications for horses a week after it suspended races indefinitely.
It's not yet known what has caused the alarming number of injuries at Santa Anita racetrack over the last two months.
A horse walked into a bar… No, this isn’t a joke. A horse really walked into a bar.
The three-time Kentucky Derby winner broke a bone in his neck after four-year-old colt Bobby Abu Dhabi collapsed during training.