horsemeat scandal

Some foreign companies look at beloved American horses and see only two things: profit and food. They want to turn these majestic animals into frozen meat products for Europe and Asia, with no concerns about the unconscionable cost on life, health, the environment, or the integrity of our culture.
Temple Grandin, who has applied herself to reforming the slaughter of cattle with some success, seems to straddle the line on the issue of using American horses as meat as she says, "It's a less bad option to slaughter them here," than in unregulated facilities abroad. But is the "less bad" option the right one?
You are standing in front of the ready meals counter looking at an array of Lasagnes, Bolognese's and meat pies. Does it
The costume, retailing for £39.99 (around $60.00), includes both a "burger tunic" and a horse head mask. Yay or neigh? Become
Contaminated meatballs may have been sent to IKEA locations in Slovakia, Hungary, France, Britain, Portugal, the Netherlands
IKEA announced this week that it would recall meatballs and sausages from its stores across Europe amid concerns that they might contain horsemeat. In doing so, IKEA became the latest retail giant involved in a scandal so complex that it reads like a political crime thriller. Only it's real.
Sales of frozen hamburgers from major retailers in the United Kingdom plummeted after the horse meat scandal that has deeply
As long as we remain unaware of carnism, the system that guides our food choices like an invisible hand, we will see eating (certain) animals as a given, rather than a choice.
Workers at Elisa Technologies, based in Gainesville, Fla., say they’ve received nearly 1,000 requests in recent weeks for
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