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"Having a world-class partner who will run each portfolio through their scoring mechanism, now we can be sure that each patient
In addition, if you happen to be given a private room because there were no semi-private rooms available, you should NOT have been billed for a private room.
Officials are looking for solutions to one of health care's most annoying problems.
I think there's one thing everyone should agree on though: No matter how we end up paying for our health care, we can afford a lot more of it once we stop being overcharged so much for what we're getting.
The answer, in short, is because the U.S. health care system doesn't operate according to the standards of competition that
When Sean Recchi, a 42-year-old from Lancaster, Ohio, was told last March that he had non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, his wife Stephanie
Time magazine this week is out with a mammoth, 24,000-word story on the state of the U.S. health care system written by Steven Brill. According to the story, Brill spent seven months researching why health care costs so much in America.
Geographic and institutional variations in care are the subject of this installment of the ongoing series on the Cost of
But car accidents involving police is not an isolated problem in New York. In November, an officer in Texas resigned after
The confusion surrounding hospital pricing is something that affects many Americans each year. A study conducted by Dr. Renee
As tens of millions of Americans are paying off medical bills over time, the potential for damaged credit is great. Many government agencies are beginning to take notice. Unfortunately, the consumer credit reporting industry is fighting efforts for consumer protection every step of the way.
While public attention has lately been focused on Accretive, hospital debt collection is a big industry that's not likely
Freddie Lempe, 18, of Smithfield, North Carolina, has been in a hospital bed ever since he suffered a severe brain injury
Of course, confusion over medical bills is nothing new. Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center of New York mistakenly billed a number
Colorado Health Institute data shows that 16 percent of Colorado's population in 2011 were uninsured, and that 85 percent
The search turned up nothing, and the woman was not arrested or charged with any crime. The woman had no criminal record
"I wouldn't be surprised if Medicare doesn't pay them very well but that's no excuse for price gouging," he said. "I don't