hospital errors

Bear in mind: An educated family caregiver and patient are appreciated by the vast majority of physicians. You have every right to drive the process that keeps your loved one safe and healthy! Help yourself. Help others.
There are still lots of problems, but things are getting better.
The deadly problem of hospital error burst into the national spotlight in 1999, when the Institute of Medicine estimated
For employers and policymakers frustrated by America's embarrassingly poor performance in nearly every known indicator of health care quality, this study offers two breakthrough glimmers of hope.
In fairness, hospitals respond to health care financing incentives from the government, as well as the private sector, and
We can only hope for bipartisan common sense to prevail when hospitals ask to suppress information from the public that they themselves use to improve their performance.
Organ donation is an important part of our giving back to those who are awaiting a functioning organ when our bodies no longer have need of those organs. It is also a very individual and private decision that one should consider while one is still healthy.
Edward Bell, a doctor who specializes in premature infants, told the AP at the time that detecting vital signs can be more
Certain protocol has been implemented to combat the rising frequency of never events in medical facilities including marking
Brian Goldman makes an impassioned personal case for changing the culture of medicine by admitting errors of judgment. I think that the most important step in making that change is recognizing the relationship between physician and patient for what it really is: a partnership.