hospital readmission

New penalties for hospitals seem to have dramatically reduced the number of people readmitted with complications.
If you have ever been hospitalized you know how many health care professionals -- doctors, nurses, technicians, therapists on several shifts -- come into your room to talk with you. You have little time t o learn their names or understand their roles, let alone what they are telling you about your condition.
We often mistakenly assume that we can't play a role in the efficiency of our institutions. We can prevent thousands of avoidable hospital readmissions by being proactive and availing ourselves of the resources in our communities.
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Focusing on hospital readmissions can be a strong impetus for positive change, healthcare system redesign, and improved health status for patients. But it only works if we do it with the proper considerations in mind.
Patient readmissions or bounce back is a serious financial and quality issue. A 2009 study found that approximately one-fifth of medical beneficiaries were readmitted within 30 days
Hospitals in New York State are significantly worse than those elsewhere in the nation at limiting patients from having to