hospital readmissions

Readmissions prevent doctors from seeing fresh patients, disrupts the wellbeing of a patient, and drives costs to health care providers. There are early indicators that the health care industry is adopting methods to reduce readmissions.
For systems that are efficiently managing care, these programs provide new revenue and cost savings opportunities. But to
A new study finds flaws in Medicare's effort to reduce hospital readmissions.
"You can be a hospital with a mortality rate that's twice as high as your neighbor's down the street, and the financial consequences of that are pretty trivial."
Now that Obamacare is real and functioning, we appear to be seeing a real-life example of the correlation-without-causation problem. How do the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services establish that the reason a patient was admitted was because of a hospital's negligence?
We often mistakenly assume that we can't play a role in the efficiency of our institutions. We can prevent thousands of avoidable hospital readmissions by being proactive and availing ourselves of the resources in our communities.
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As we age, we suffer disproportionately from care transitions problems. Why?