Hospitality industry

People of color are likely to be disproportionately affected when the robots come for our jobs.
David Southworth is an entrepreneur, father, and developer who has developed over $2 billion in golf and hospitality projects in his career.
There's a saying in English, "if you build it, they will come." But in the hospitality industry, simply building a hotel doesn't guarantee that anyone will invest in your project, or that guests will come to stay.
If you're looking for amazing hotel deals and discounts in South America, there are two countries in particular that hotel industry insiders know offer the best deals right now.
The world of travel is changing - the sector is booming again, chains such as Air BnB have become the largest and most successful corporations in the business today. Travel websites are exploding with traffic.
TechTable founders Camilla Marcus, Maureen Cushing, Lauren Hobbs, and Jaci Badzin have a broad range of experience representing
Despite the human element that will always exist in the hospitality industry, behind the scenes a technology boom is exploding around everything from reservations to produce sourcing to customer information to loyalty programs.
A big part of securing ongoing coverage is about relationships. Journalists and travel writers need to know who you are, and you need to know who they are. If you have a personal connection, that's a great way to cement your brand further in their minds.
The world of travel writers, journalists and travel bloggers is ever-changing. So how do public relations and media relations experts in the travel industry deal with them?
The term "Millennial" is thrown around a lot nowadays. Roughly, it refers to the generation of people born anywhere between the early 1980s and the early 2000s. It's a big group of people, and they're just now starting to enter their prime traveling years. But what does this generation of younger travelers really want when it comes to hotels?
When you have a business meal at a restaurant, it is not simply to satisfy hunger. A restaurant acts as a live theater for your meal, and this is especially important for business.
The reality is this: customer service, when extraordinary, can be the one factor that can launch your success story and float your business through the hardest of times.
I cannot alter everything, and I cannot bend to every whim. There just has to be limits.
Raymon N. Bickson is a hero of India's $20 billion hospitality industry. He's feted in India's political, business and social circles for having re-energized the country's leading hotel chain, helping drive up annual tourist arrivals
His success in reviving India's handloom industry emboldened Nair to launch an export business. He invented "Bleeding Madras" textiles -- which became the rage in the United States -- and also sparked what would become a multibillion-dollar garment export industry.
A one-time rural community with cow pastures is now a suburban hub of industry, and with the influx of new people came competition. Having changed very little in 25 years, the new owner of the hotel is resting easily on top of the world.
I've damaged multiple suits by piercing the coat pocket with those old-school name tags that use a straight pin. Then they invented magnets and the first models hung so heavy that the pocket lip sagged, my name drooping toward the ground, making it look melancholy and downtrodden, as if to say: My name is Jacob :(
At registration we were all given hot pink sunglasses and matching umbrellas. So we were all prepared with mandatory Miami
Are there more restaurants springing up in one section of town? Are there new assisted-living centers? If so, it's a safe bet that there will be the need for more hospitality workers.
We're losing the better-paying jobs making things and gaining minimum wage jobs in retail. America is becoming a nation of clerks who work for someone else selling goods made somewhere else.