host gifts

Or at least make you the most popular guest.
When you show up to a friend's dinner party, do you bring a host or hostess gift? Absolutely! Unfortunately, these days many guests arrive expecting to be wined and dined -- but it should be the other way around. Hosts put a lot of time into preparing for and entertaining guests and you should always remember to say "thanks" with a thoughtful present.
Say bye-bye fruitcake and hello cool, creative and festive this holiday. These hostess gifts are sure to kick off some party conversation and keep you on the VIP guest list for the rest of the year.
Champagne always works. This sparkling wine is great for people you know well and people you've never met before. It's a universal gesture of celebration.
The next time you go to a party you'll know exactly what to bring.
With the holiday season in full swing, it's important not to forget our nearest and dearest who will be entertaining all winter long.
Low Budget: $20 or Less An extra dash of creativity elevates the low-budget host gift. If your hosts don't drink alcohol
With summer nearly here, it's time to start planning our social lives -- whether you're hosting friends or you're the guest, nothing is more special than to offer your gourmet treat or bottle of wine.