The standoff began as a domestic dispute.
If there had been no bloodshed, Armenian authorities would have had room to compromise with the station occupiers. Now compromise
Hall had been held hostage on a remote southern island with three other people since September of last year.
Russia played a role in his release and the U.S. has had "periodic contact" with the Syrian government, the State Department said.
Two people were taken to the hospital and are expected to recover.
"I am told our strict adherence to this policy saves lives by decreasing the rate of capture of Americans, but no one has been able to show me the research behind our hostage policy," she said.
"There can be a second chance."
Ten years ago, Smith was held hostage by an armed killer. Now, she tells his mother "a hug is in order."
The purpose of terrorism is, of course, to terrorize, and they are succeeding at that. Hundreds of thousands have now fled Iraq and Syria as a result of ISIL's unparalleled violence and mastery of social media. One has to ask: who would be susceptible to their recruitment?
ISIS releases next video of British hostage John Cantlie
So goes the political dance in America between reality and rhetoric. However, most Americans see past the rhetoric. They understand the reality that the Middle East is a mess and that American military action is not going to do much.
Raw Video: Denver Hostage Taker Being Shot By Police (NSFW)
"They were pretty much held against their will," said Sullivan County Undersheriff Eric Chaboty. As Benito Lopez plowed through
Obama is happy to negotiate. If Republicans want to prove that they are, it will take more than a photo-op -- it will take concessions.
This conservative, austere budget has been rejected for months. Their goal is not really about defunding ObamaCare. Their goal was to force their extreme agenda onto the American people.