hot cars

"How could I have done this? Why hadn’t I paid more attention? I hated myself."
The woman forgot to stop at day care and went to work with the 14-month-old in the back seat, police said.
A black bear's death in Tennessee was a sad reminder of the dangers of both hot cars and leaving food unattended in bear country.
Marissa Rodriguez told local news that she's grieving the deaths of her 1-year-old twins but still loves her husband and needs him by her side.
Juan Rodriguez, 39, had just worked an eight-hour shift at a New York City hospital when he discovered his twins lifeless in the back seat.
Seven kids were stuck in a car with the windows rolled up while a woman shopped at a Maryland mall, authorities say.
Authorities estimate the temperature inside the vehicle reached 141 degrees.
The dog was allegedly left inside the vehicle while its driver was in a pet supply store.
Temperatures inside a vehicle can become dangerously hot faster than many people realize.