hot chocolate

Eggs at Easter recall the resurrection of Jesus. Since eggs were not eaten during the Lent period preceding Easter, the stored-up eggs were especially enjoyed on Easter. Fortunately, egg shaped chocolates ensued.
Hot chocolate flows endlessly in NYC's winter. Trek into the bracing weather to imbibe creamy warmth from one hot chocolate festival to another.
14 Warm Drink Recipes to Keep You Cozy, From Hot Chocolate to Hot Toddies Now that that is out of the way, let's talk chocolate
There's nothing more festive than a make-your-own hot cocoa bar! Whether you're hosting a holiday party this year, or looking for a fun DIY project for your winter wedding, this adorable set up is easy to pull together. Guests will love mixing their own cups of cocoa complete with cheerful holiday accouterments.
"The emotions are indescribable when you see Godiva today and when you hear about its humble beginnings," Muret said. "It's
Whether melted down for a thick sauce or built up into a billowy frosting atop a sublime pie, we can't get enough of these 10 marshmallow recipes. And, yes, there will be s'mores.
A day of rest? Not so much. We did sleep later than usual, and decided to treat ourselves to a posh breakfast. We wanted sit down food, not takeaway, and curry need not apply. Heading to Waverly place, there's a tourist information store, which sold us a detailed map of Edinburgh.
Happy Passover - Happy Easter! As always, I focus on the sugary for these joyous holidays - chocolate treats that promise even sweeter days in the spring and summer to come.
Gently warm the mixture (do not boil). Then, whisk in the ground ginger. Ingredients Directions Bonus: Layering the dry ingredients
The perfect from-scratch hot chocolate is just 3 pantry ingredients and 10 minutes away.
The real question is, why haven't you been doing this all along?
Let's face it: winter's here (no offense, solstice.) Let's drink some hot chocolate.