hot flashes

Sudden overheating can happen at any age, depending on other health concerns you may have.
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Christmas can be a stressful time for people for various reasons. For the mature woman, fluctuating hormone levels that only a woman experiencing menopause will truly understand compound this stress.
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I don't know why they call menopause 'the change of life.' I can think of some other, more fitting things it could be called: The seventh circle of hell.
Hot flashes last an average of 7.4 years, so be prepared.
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Are you experiencing your own internal heat wave? Do you wake up at least once during the night in a sweat? Do you have to get out of bed, towel off, change clothes and then try to get back to sleep, only to experience a repeat performance?
A lot of women are entirely unprepared for the onset of menopause. And many will spend time researching what they can expect. Hot flashes and mood swings are the two most common symptoms. But about 61 percent of menopausal women also suffer from dry eye symptoms.
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Try to avoid hot, spicy foods, warm beverages, caffeine and alcohol, as these are common hot flash triggers. When choosing clothing in the morning, dress in layers, so you can remove a layer if you get too warm. Pick light, breathable fabrics.
Lesson learned this week: Don't sit near a restaurant's wood-burning pizza oven if you are a woman of a certain age unless you have frostbite.
Before I ever had a hot flash, I heard women refer to them as power surges and tropical moments and while I never really found that hilarious, I figured they were probably pretty accurate descriptions of what a hot flash felt like. Then I had a hot flash.
Once I started getting regular hot flashes, I realized that anxiety frequently went along with them. I'd feel anxious about the hot flashes themselves: what would trigger them, would they embarrass me; how long would they last, would they wake me up in the middle of the night?