Hot Pursuit

Feminism has become a dirty word. For many, it can alienate. For some it conjures up images of people demanding opportunities that they do not deserve. It's a complicated topic with which this generation of women struggle. Knowing they are capable, the suggestion that special treatment is required, mocks the very concept that women are trying to overcome. Judge each person on their ability.
"If people don't understand that we need to be malleable in our sexuality, then I think they need to lighten up," she added
Though neither is nominated for an award, both took the stage to bestow Miranda Lambert with the 50th Anniversary Milestone
With the second season officially scheduled to premiere on June 21, and an entire new cast which includes Colin Farrell and Rachel McAdam as the next "true detectives," my feminist part in me has already begun to imagine a third season consisting of two female detectives.
Unlikely duo Sofia Vergara and Reese Witherspoon have teamed up to star in the action comedy “Hot Pursuit” -- and it looks
Obama's views on this subject were forward-thinking and out-of-the-box. but they are dead wrong and dangerous.
Why do states (United States, Israel, etc.) engage in so many un-winnable wars with non-state actors?
While Condi belatedly tries to calm everyone down, it's hard to see what ideas or leverage America has that could change much of anything.