hot toddy

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There are many cold days ahead of us and we all need to drink warmly.
Winter is full of difficulties -- freezing temperatures, snowfall that can make your day a little harder, the sun going down early. But one drink can almost make up for all of that misery by adding a bit of coziness into your day: the hot toddy.
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In addition to being hot, of course, toddies often have the addition of baking spices that fit the season.
"Whisky is liquid sunshine.” -- George Bernard Shaw
You can consider the classic toddy medicine.
Here is the beauty of a hot toddy: All you really need to make one is a bottle of liquor, the ability to boil water, a bit of sweetness, and the need for warmth. Past that, everything is just pleasant decoration.
This warm and comforting classic cocktail will cure what ails you.