Hot Weather

Multiple wildfires are raging across California.
While a few hot days might not seem like a big deal, it can have serious consequences if you're not careful. ABC News points out that around 3,000 Americans died between 2006 and 2010 from heat-related illness. As always, check on your elderly neighbors and grandparents - it's not only a good deed, but a good way to stay in the AC.
There's no question that summer is terrific, but it does pose a few palpable threats to comfort. The sweat-soaked commutes? Sleepless nights spent fanning every square inch of your body, and constantly flipping your pillow? No thanks.
Cold weather also poses a different risk for outdoor or feral cats and other small animals. In an effort to stay warm, they
The shift in strength away from the tropics could be linked to a proposed widening of the tropics themselves. “The expansion
Wintertime can bring you down. Day-to-day weather does affect your mood (if it's already a bad one). If you're in a good
A swiss-chard faux-gratin for a hot New York evening when there was no way I was going to turn the oven on.
"It is 90 degrees outside. Don't judge me!" Via Petsami
As high-pressure aloft builds overhead late this week, the Desert Southwest and the central valley of California will be
Remember that Antarctica is very cold. You should be grateful that the founding fathers decided against situating the capital
The best salad for a picnic on a hot day -- whether it is July 4th or later in the summer -- is one that you can prepare beforehand and that won't spoil in the heat. Here's one that fits the bill -- plus it's easy to make and tastes great.
Photo by bjmcdonald via Flickr. District spokeswoman Kathryn Birkett explained Thursday to the Daily Herald that the area's
In Omaha, Omaha's trash hauler abandoned some routes Monday as 12 workers fell ill during the heat. Two workers were hospitalized
About to pass out from the oppressive heat wave hitting the city today? Use your last ounce of strength to check out our