hotel beds

Hotel photography is all about visual temptation, you really don´t need to see the whole spa, room, or pool to get the urge
There's something utterly delicious about hotel beds... and towels... and robes. They're so decadently fluffy and epically cozy, we'd totally steal them if we could.
His company’s chips send signals to antennae at the hotel's entrance or exit, letting owners know if a linen has left the
Color scheme is of utmost importance. When Westin hotel designers trial tested their now-famous Heavenly Bed, they noticed
It's not just Westin that features an all-white bed as the centerpiece of a perfect hotel room. The Miraval, Hilton and Park
Ever flopped into a hotel bed, ready to curl up under the warm sheets and find that the mattress was stiff as a board? Or
As hotels vie for supremacy in what some industry insiders refer to as the "battle of the beds," many are rethinking their priorities, knowing that the difference between a good and bad night's sleep could -- and should -- tip the scales when it comes to where a guest chooses to rest her head.
In this week's issue of Huffington magazine, we observe a shift in how the hotel industry is defining good service: a better
A stocked mini-bar and stunning views are fantastic, but the most important element of a hotel room is the bed. Jet lag, exhaustion
Some people book a hotel room for the view, others for the tub, but it's the intrepid traveler who knows that the single most important room amenity is the bed.
It doesn't matter if you stay in a cheap motel or at an uber-luxe hotel overlooking Central Park. If the mattress isn't comfortable, it can ruin your entire vacation.