Hotel Bel-Air

Spago Chef Wolfgang Puck has always been gracious toward fellow chefs who wrote an outstanding cookbook.
For a significant part of a child's life, a mother acts as a one-woman concierge, chauffeur, maid, cook, and more. So the least her offspring (with some help from dad, perhaps) can do is to return the favor, and I say take it up a notch and bring in the hotel professionals.
You can't have a hotel in L.A. and not somehow turn to the silver screen for inspiration, and this place does it in spades, but in such a way as to not look forced or faked.
I really like what Hotel Casa del Mar is doing. Between Aidan Demarest's innovative mixology and Sven Mede's seafood-laden menu, there's very good reason to be excited about Catch.
I give you my humble awards in a handful of categories integral to a proper brunch. In the tradition of those ubiquitous award program euphemisms, here are "The Brunchies."
Spago Chef Wolfgang Puck called me the morning after he catered the dinner at George Clooney's house for President Obama, and he was kind enough to detail the menu for that special evening.
The first few months of 2012 have proved to be a scintillating scene for the restaurant festival which is our fair city.
In the mid '50s, I spent several weeks on the set of Royal Wedding. Several times I was introduced to Grace Kelly on the set. Enchanted by her, as was every man. All of this came back to me yesterday at the Hotel Bel-Air.
The one of a kind jewelry collection pays tribute to Grace Kelly's unprecedented style. The designs resemble the flower petals
At the Friday evening party at the studio, I had an opportunity to speak to Jane Fonda about her new book, Prime Time. We discussed her conclusion that the last third of your life can be the best.
If Robert Evans, the infamous Hollywood producer, were to have opined on the Sultan of Brunei's renovation of the Hotel Bel Air, I imagine that his first demand would be that "the swans stay in the picture."
With all of the glamour and glitz, it comes down to the food... and it's absolutely sensational in the Wolfgang Puck tradition of modern California with European and Mediterranean influences.
The formerly somewhat dreary hotel, nestled into the woods of rustic Bel Air, has been brightened, refurbished and rebuilt to maintain its oh, so romantic atmosphere while accommodating guests in this wired age.
In its 65-year history, the Hotel Bel-Air has hosted countless celebrities and dignitaries, all discreetly, of course. The
For the past 27 years I have faithfully attended and written about the Wolfgang Puck/Barbara Lazaroff "Meals on Wheels" Benefit. But this year there is a new gala.
The Hotel Bel-Air, a six decade-old symbol of Los Angeles glamour, has announced in a press release that it will reopen its
We've just received confirmation from a creative over at the under construction Hotel Bel Air that, as surmised, once the