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There's a saying in English, "if you build it, they will come." But in the hospitality industry, simply building a hotel doesn't guarantee that anyone will invest in your project, or that guests will come to stay.
However, representatives of Share Better maintain that sites like Airbnb contribute to skyrocketing rents and aggravate the
Say good-bye to the $10 hotel-room Diet Coke. Hotel minibars are falling out of favor with travelers and hotels.
“It’s very user friendly,” he said. . The decline of the minibar may be a welcome change. Minibars were ranked as the least
I had the good fortune of being invited to attend this carefully curated inaugural show in my own backyard in sunny South
While many like to bemoan the lack of customer service in the hospitality industry these days, there are still a handful of properties around the globe who know how to do things right.
In a statement through a lawyer, the company said it is "committed to fair treatment and compliance with Federal and State
Such arrangements may help hotels save money on labor, but they also have a way of pushing down wages and eliminating benefits
How many warm bodies there are in the room using the heat and lights, running the water, eating up your food, and leaving
"They've been getting away with underpaying these workers for years," said Read, who was involved in the lawsuit that forced