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There's a famous 1980s hamburger TV commercial where a little old lady opens the bun of a hamburger only to find a dime-sized paddy and says, "Where's the beef?" I recently opened the door to our test room and asked, "Where's the color?"
While hotel room prices are more stable than flight tickets, there is a science to booking your accommodations, too. Check
But none of these things are what make the Game Creek Chalet one of Colorado -- if not the world's -- most exclusive hotel rooms. It's that Game Creek Chalet is located almost eight miles from the nearest town. Eight miles and, oh, 2,000 vertical feet.
"Where I work now, bedding and pillows are replaced at every check-out. However, before, when I used to work at a budget hotel, we rarely changed them."
If the cleaning lady did half the things I think she does in my room, she wouldn't get more than two rooms done the entire day.
Giving new meaning to the phrase "asleep at the wheel," the V8's a 34-room German hotel dedicated to all things car that boasts a vintage auto museum, elaborately themed rooms tricked out with original parts/ memorabilia, and its own brew pub.
I wanted to know what Ted looks for when he scopes out fancy four-diamond joints like Wilmington's Hotel Du Pont, where I was booked for one night. I wanted to know how he rates the food and service at restaurants. And, most of all, I wanted to know what Ted's life is like.
Perhaps we've neglected the iron because it is not the least bit sexy, and like a snow shovel, it reminds us of manual labor. Irons are never found on wedding registries.
There is the bed. There is the minibar. There is the bathroom. There is the closet. Typical accommodations offer no break from monotony and might even make it worse.
In Marrakech, the Atlas Deluxe Suite at Selman is perched on 15 acres of parkland and offers unprecedented views of the Atlas Mountains,
Even the most posh hotels can have a few drawbacks, like being assigned to an interior-facing room.
We've all got our own particular requisites when choosing a hotel room. Surely, though, we can all agree that when it comes to little things with a big impact, the bathtub reigns supreme.
With Spring Break just around the corner -- and the rest of us here dying for a warm-weather vacation -- we thought about where we'd wanna party in the sun.
Everyone loves to gripe about air travel. But what about hotels? On a recent trip around the world, I stayed in six different hotels of various quality, and while my flights were perfect (thanks Singapore Airlines and United) the hotel stays were not always.
The room is set up to accommodate four people--2 adults, 2 children--and is available for visitors through February 14th
Despite the title, characters in E.M. Forster's turn-of-the-century book A Room With A View were confronted with one of the
"With approximately 20 percent of hotels currently offering HD service to their guests, we expect this new service to significantly