hour of code

Local schools are natural loci for such activities. While you don't need an excuse to inquire there about possibilities for
Technology drives innovation in the global economy. Yet, the juxtaposition of the opportunity vs. the reality for building
The White House reached out to me to ask if there was a way we could get some of the celebrities or tech companies who were part of our video to do something together with the White House around computer science.
There are many obstacles, but I should say we are so much farther along now than we were 3 years ago when I started working on this.
I've heard a lot of industry professionals say you can't learn to code in an hour and they are right, you can't become an
Thanks to initiatives like Hour of Code and major moves by some of the country's largest school districts, coding and computer science are finally starting to enter the mainstream of K-12 education.
Edu implications. A Rice University summer program recognized that "recent advances in machine learning provide new opportunities
Corporations including Microsoft, Intel, and Cisco have also been investing in their future workforce. Microsoft created
It was only two weeks ago that I had the incredible fortune to personally ask the President of the United States to kick off the Hour of Code by trying it himself. I still can't believe it actually happened.