The Justice Department said that a key witness in the impeachment probe has had “contact with officials affiliated with Russian intelligence.”
The record of petitions to bypass opposition by a House speaker is historically poor.
The Legislature is considering requiring security guards at each club, keypad codes to enter dressing rooms, and employee training on preventing sexual harassment.
It's unclear if the Senate will pass the bill, with one Republican saying it “makes the president look good” by letting him “mail out checks before the election.”
A pro-science PAC announced investments in four U.S. House races, including two in New York, which is seen as central to Democrats’ hopes to retake control.
The move puts the new House speaker in hot water with the right-wing Freedom Caucus.
The most significant thing lawmakers were able to accomplish was the bare minimum: avoiding a financial catastrophe. And even that was hard.
The CNN anchor sarcastically likened the Donald Trump ally to a key historical figure.
Lesley Wolf became a target of right-wing criticism after IRS whistleblowers complained that the Justice Department slow-walked the case.