The House is expected to vote on two bills that lack support in the Senate.
Amid dwindling poll numbers, President Joe Biden celebrated the passage of his infrastructure bill through Congress.
The House has given final approval to legislation to allow around-the-clock security protection for families of Supreme Court justices.
The seditious conspiracy case concerns the group's alleged outsize role in the insurrection, and may illuminate their connections to Trump and his allies.
The bill was an answer to the growing pressure Congress faces to address gun violence and white supremacist attacks, following two mass shootings over the weekend.
Experts say the ban is the first of its kind.
The House was also scheduled to vote later on a bill banning transgender athletes from playing on girls sports teams.
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“I have a problem that Bette Midler qualifies for millions of dollars in tax credits,” said Republican Sen. Robert Karnes, the only senator to vote against the bill.
The panel is demanding info and testimony from people who allegedly submitted false Electoral College certificates declaring Trump the winner of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, New Mexico, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.