house democratic caucus

The Illinois lawmaker will finish out her term, but said she is ready for something new after serving in the House for 10 years.
Hart blamed her loss on a “toxic campaign of political disinformation” that she said had “effectively silenced the voices of Iowans.”
The IRS hasn't received the payment information it requested to send checks to Social Security recipients.
Other parts of their relief bill would send cash to most households and could reshape the economy for years.
House Democrats will vote on whether to strip the newly elected lawmaker of her committee assignments after saying they saw “no alternative.”
A new legal brief from House Democrats links former President Donald Trump's election claims to the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol.
Maloney, a New Yorker who defeated Rep. Tony Cárdenas (Calif.), takes over the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee at a challenging time.
Images of an indoor dinner planned for freshman lawmakers on Friday — the same day the U.S. recorded 184,000 new COVID-19 infections — drew public outcry.
Democrats will still control the House, but moderates are putting their progressive colleagues in the hot seat after a handful of centrists lost their races.
A handful of November House races offer a chance to expand on gains made during the primaries.