House Ethics Committee

The committee said Friday that it would probe the sexual misconduct allegations against the two Republican congressmen.
The GOP congressman spent lots of taxpayer money to settle a harassment lawsuit. He said he’d pay us back. He hasn’t.
A lawmaker tasked with addressing sexual harassment in Congress secretly settled his own harassment claim.
The Texas congressman is accused of settling with the woman he fired using a taxpayer-funding account.
“I believe these women, I see the pattern and there is only one conclusion," Rep. Pramila Jayapal said.
On Sunday, the House Democratic leader wouldn't say if the congressman should resign.
The probe may not even deliver the formal, public investigation activists are likely hoping for.
When Socrates and his two great disciples composed a system of rational ethics, they were hardly proposing practical legislation
Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi reacted angrily. "You don't need an ethics watchdog if you have ethics," she explained
House lawmakers and their staffers used to make about 150 stops there a year on their privately sponsored jaunts around the world. Then came a massive ethics investigation, and they all stopped taking those free trips to Turkey -- cold.
It's the only independent agency keeping an eye on the U.S. House.
The mere idea that members of Congress should be required to take annual ethics training speaks volumes about how far we have strayed from our founders' values, but may be necessary as a first step toward restoring decency and respectability in our nation's capital.
"From the beginning the Congresswoman and her staff have fully cooperated with the Ethics Committee and will continue to
Some government watchdogs called the change "ludicrous" and urged that it be immediately reversed. House Minority Leader