house fire

After months of treatment, Hex is healthy and happy.
Leaving home can be as problematic as playing host. As an example, Shapiro points to insurance claims involving frozen pipes
"I heard a noise, which I thought was the hot tub recirculating. It sort of turned on like that..."
My brother is making an inventory list for the insurance company. He mentions that he had a $5,000 leather sofa. I remind
If you do not have home owner's insurance, fire will cast you out onto the street. You will be homeless. If you do have home
SPANISH SPRINGS, Nev. (AP) — A Spanish Springs family has been forced out of their home after a house fire, but authorities
It's support that Carmen's new caretakers say they're grateful for during this difficult time. "We appreciate everything
“The fire didn’t wait for that,” Mulkey, who has been staying at a friend's house, told the news outlet. “For 40 years I
A fire broke out in the basement of the home where she lived with her owner, Ben Ledford, in Ohio. Firefighters found Carmen laying on over her owners face, trying to shield him from the smoke and flames.
The house fire had started at about 5 a.m. last Tuesday, ABC 13 News reported. Firefighters arrived to find the trailer home
This is what unquestioning loyalty looks like. Later she found out that sparks caused by the heater could have lit the gas
These personal treasures, commemorating the love and commitment that holds a family together, are often found when their
14 year old Florida teen Lily Marie Hartwell, who was a fan of the cult horror character, allegedly set her home on fire while her mother and younger brother were asleep inside. Luckily, both were able to escape unharmed after the fire alarms went off.
Miso’s versatile qualities make it great for everything from soups to butterscotch, but this fire extinguisher thing is a
Fortunately, both man and Xbox escaped relatively unharmed, although the man did have to be treated for smoke inhalation
At this Christmas time, we can rejoice with ad agency executive Madonna Badger in her recovery from the unspeakably tragic loss of her three young daughters and her parents in the fire that destroyed her Connecticut home two years ago.
An Arizona couple recently left homeless when their mobile home burned to the ground couldn't believe their eyes when they received a bill for nearly $20,000 from a private fire department