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The House also rejected a much more conservative version of the GOP budget put forward by the Republican Study Committee
The House is set to vote Wednesday on budgets for the government that would significantly cut domestic spending through measures
Rep. Matt Salmon (R-Ariz.) called for NIH funds to be raised from roughly $30.1 billion to around $40 billion in the year
"I think reconciliation language will be a motivating reason for, I think, many of us to lean toward supporting the budget
DEMOCRATIC ALTERNATIVE House Republican leaders have expressed confidence that Ryan's budget will pass, despite complaints
The Budget Committee voted down the funding amendment on party lines, with the committee's 21 GOP members voting against
Obama was to speak to the Business Roundtable on Wednesday, drawing attention to a modest economic recovery that he says
Transportation and housing funding, like the farm bill, were once considered certain to pass in both chambers of Congress
He said the failed transportation and housing measure was the first major attempt by Republicans to pass an appropriations
House Republicans are scheduled to vote on two separate budget bills this week, each of which would reject funding for the poverty activism group ACORN, despite the fact that ACORN disbanded three years ago.
WASHINGTON -- House Republicans are scheduled to vote on two separate budget bills this week, each of which would reject
"We need to tackle our deficit and debt fairly and responsibly," Murray said. "We need to keep the promises we've made as
WASHINGTON -- House Republicans are proposing a short-term budget that would ease the impact of sequestration on defense
More than a few volleys remain in this game and the outcome of the fiscal cliff debate will provide more guidance on who has how much influence in subsequent debates.
But Democrats say Republicans are unfairly targeting the poor and vulnerable. They believe that legislation to prevent the
Social Services Block Grants – Saves $17 billion over 10 years by eliminating the Social Services Block Grant to states, which
"General Dempsey and I spoke after that, and I wanted to give that to him, which was that's not what I was attempting to
In the same Facebook post, West also aligns himself with a Wall Street Journal editorial from Tuesday that hails "the reform
3. Health Care Reform The Republican blueprint calls for $770 billion in cuts to Medicaid, which would be converted to a
The GOP budget is an immoral and callous clarion call for the middle class to pay more and get less. It promotes prosperity for the few instead of opportunity for all. It says we should be on our own instead of bound together by common purpose.