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Dreamers aren't going to give up, said Cesar Vargas, a co-director of the advocacy group Dream Action Coalition and a would
So far, 81 DACA recipients have applied to enlist in the Army, all of whom speak a language that would make them eligible
"Today, while the entire country is looking for solutions to our broken immigration system -- which must include a path to
McCaul spoke to conservative members on Wednesday afternoon at a Republican Study Committee meeting, and told reporters afterward
In Lebanon, Pennsylvania, about 15 miles from the retreat, one of those undocumented immigrants, 48-year-old Guadalupe Barba
Democrats are pushing forward with efforts to get eligible undocumented immigrants signed up for the reprieve. Rep. Luis
"We have the potential to move into next year, I think, with the commitment to do something," he told reporters. "We're going
That could complicate the administration's efforts to go on the offense. Certainly, Obama, Democrats and advocates have work
The White House issued a veto threat for the House bill on Thursday, saying it "would have devastating consequences" for
Republicans have vowed to fight against the executive actions on immigration, and some are pushing for language in funding
After waiting more than 500 days for the House of Representatives to take up the comprehensive immigration reform bill passed by the Senate, the President called us back to those values and used his authority to protect children and parents. Thank you, Mr. President, for taking some important steps to make our nation stronger.
President Obama should be applauded for defending America's greatest values and challenging the nation to be a welcoming place for the stranger. For in the face of the stranger we see the face of God.
The announcement will cause mayhem on the Hill, as Republicans threaten lawsuits, a showdown over funding the government
"If he wants to go off on his own, there are things he's just not going to get," Boehner said. "The audacity of this President
There is still some time to go before the Republican primary commences, but it already appears that the first domino in this
Fuller turnout information will give greater clarity as to how much Latino voters played into the race in Colorado. A Latino
Obama announced later in June that Boehner had told him immigration reform wasn't happening this year. The president said
UPDATE: 12:10 p.m. -- White House Spokesman Josh Earnest responded to Boehner at a briefing later Tuesday, saying the funding
"Why? Because Republicans again and again insult our community, and blocked immigration reform," the narrator continues, as
The congressman had worked on his bill with both Republican and Democratic members, but specifically singled out Gutierrez