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A tense-looking King responded that the observations about young immigrants were largely unrelated to the amendment at hand
"We have supported it in the past, but trying to do this on the National Defense Authorization bill seems to be an inappropriate
"The Chamber's job is to advocate, but our job is to make a decision for our constituents," Labrador said. "And I think most
After previously comparing Dreamers to drug mules, Rep. Steve King said Wednesday that those who want to enlist in the military should be immediately deported instead.
Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) responded Thursday to the comments made by King
Boehner threw immigration reform into doubt just a week after unveiling the principles, saying there might be too much distrust
"Welcome to all of you for testifying here," Gutierrez said. "Unfortunately, everything you said will never translate into
CREDO Action, and the Daily Kos will team up Tuesday on a petition directed at Pelosi, a staunch supporter of
He maintained that immigration reform was needed, but hinted at the increasing likelihood that House Republican lawmakers
One of the main issues for the president in attempting to answer the GOP's question of his trustworthiness is that it's unclear