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As nasty as this campaign may get by November 8, for the first time since 2002, weary Bergen County residents may soon be freed from having to tell disbelieving friends and relatives that they are represented by arguably the most right-wing, Tea Party-style representative in Congress.
First-term incumbent Hurd narrowly unseated Rep. Pete Gallego in 2014 and now faces the Democrat again for the right to represent
Garrett has been struggling to overcome anti-LGBT comments he made last year.
"[I] gave to folks who knew what they were doing to maximize that result," Munson said. In Alaska, earmarked contributions
The relative dearth of Republican mega-donors underscores the extent to which major conservative contributors have fled the
"This impressive fundraising total shows that Democratic donors are committed to combatting the millions the Koch Brothers
WASHINGTON -- Democrats appear to be winning the fundraising race at nearly every turn in Senate contests and doing well